Howdy 🤠

⬅ That's me, Chelsea
🏎️ Co-founder and Chief Data Officer of AirGarage
👩 Proud female founder
🧠 Studied Stats and Data Analytics
🌵 From Phoenix, AZ
🌉 Based in San Francisco, CA

I have a high bias towards doing things.

Growing things

As an Arizonian, lush greenery was limited to various cacti in the Suburbian™ rock front yards. My SF garden produces: avocados, kale, plums, tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeños, and carrots.

Analyzing things

On average, it takes 6 sessions to train my cat a new trick (sit, lay down, shake, jump through hoop, & rollover). My obsession for data began while taking my first statistics course in college when I realized stats was easy for me and hard for others.

Researching things

During quarantine, I spent 3 weeks tracing the original owner and builder of my 150 year old victorian San Francisco apartment. TLDR They were Swedish immigrants who owned a tailoring business in SoMa.

Designing things

Creating - whether it's painting an oil portrait, refinishing a wooden table I got from the Free section of Craigslist, or writing code for a Parking Management company - is an endless source of energy for me.

On being a Female Founder

Although being the only woman in a room is disappointingly common as a founder, I'm learning how to turn it into an opportunity to lift up other women.

When we began recruiting for the first time, I realized who we hire is how we effect change. To date, our team of 12 at AirGarage identifies as 50% female, and 42% non-white.

If you're a female founder, recent, or soon-to-be grad looking for hand to help you up, DM me!

DM me

That's all she wrote ¯\_(ツ)_/¯